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Spring 2017 Delegation

The largest and first official Delegation from Colorado to Nablus is scheduled for Spring 2017!

Delegates will have the opportunity to engage with citizens of Nablus representing a broad swath of professions, expertise, interests, and talents. Included will be tours of the City, An Najah University, neighboring villages and towns, dinners in the homes of community leaders, and a whole lot more.

The delegation will overlap with the 2nd annual Nablus Cultural Festival.  You may visit the official festival website to learn more about this event.

Stay tuned to this page to see regular updates from Nablus. To look through all  postings from the delegation, please see the BNCSP delegation postings.

Daily postings from 2017 BNSCP delegation

April 3: Dear Nablus, we are going to miss you…

Written by: Maria Flegas April 3, 2017 Dear Nablus, we are going to Miss You. Thank you for your shining faces, your deep eyes, for all the welcome songs, for all the hand shakes, all the coffee rituals ( every 90 minutes! I was in Heaven)), and for showing us the...

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Day Four: “Say khanafe!”

Day Four: “Say khanafe!” This was our first day to divide into sub-delegations. And we ended together with a light meal and stories at our friend Salwa’s home, who lives in the Old Askar refugee camp. Salwa became our friend last fall when she came...

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Another very rich and honored day here in Nablus

March 30, 2017 nother very rich and honored day here in Nablus with the company of this warm and dear delegation. Truly a group of curious, delightful, and caring individuals. We started our day off going to Pioneers School. A truly remarkable staff and student body....

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Delegation photos from March 29

From these photos you gain a wee taste of how wonderful our time in Nablus was! You must join our next trip so that you can partake as...

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29 March 2017 – Pen Paling

29 March 2017 I woke up with the ideas of our pen-paling project whirling through my head. The meeting yesterday with the director of general education in the ministry of education, a room full of public school teachers and principals and the head of the school of...

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March 28: Women’s international Day in Nablus

Written by: Maria Flegas Date: March 28th: This week was Women’s international Day in Nablus! An incredibly fortunate time to be here, where the focus on women was strong and daily.  Throughout this week we received the regular acknowledgements of the value...

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What a day to blog!

Provided by: Osie Adelfang It was our first day, with a very packed schedule. Three of us began with a 30-minute yoga practice to set a tone for our day, but the day ended up allowing little time for breathing or reflection. Our first activity was a trip to the...

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We embark on our journey to Nablus

25 March 2017 Today we would embark on our journey to Nablus. I was excited to finally see our sister city but sad to live the culturally and historically rich city of Amman. After a last minute, frantic race to scrape up enough Dinars to pay for our hotel (since the...

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Day One: Arrival and planting

  Eight of the 12 delegates arrived in Amman throughout the day and night of 3/23/17 Upon arrival we trickled into a lovely hotel right across the street from the great amphitheater in old town Amman. The rooms are cozy and one feels as if they are hanging out on...

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On Our Way

Got our bags packed and we are all ready to go   For the past several months a group of Boulderites have been working closely with colleagues in Nablus to plan for the visit of  the first official delegation from Boulder.  During the course of the...

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