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We have been busy over the past year and a half and have generated some great multimedia resources. 

Below are a few audio/visual links and don’t forget to head over to our ‘Past Events–>In the news’ section or our fantastic photo collection.

Images from early 1900s Palestine, Nablus Region

Arabic Lessons Part I

arabic Lesson part I
At our twice monthly meetings of the BNSCP we end each session with a little cultural/language sharing. Here’s an example of one session where we learned a new word in Arabic, In shaa’Allah (Arabic: إن شاء الله‎)

This term is often used as a response to well wishing and such. It translates into English as “God willing”, or “if God wills it”.

“One’s use of Insha Allāh indicates not one’s desire to succeed in an endeavor, but rather that the endeavor one embarks on will be within God’s will, which might be interpreted as that which is best for Humanity, the Earth, and all of Allah’s creation.”

Dabke Dance Instruction

By CU’s John Thibdeau

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