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Got our bags packed and we are all ready to go


For the past several months a group of Boulderites have been working closely with colleagues in Nablus to plan for the visit of  the first official delegation from Boulder. 

During the course of the visit, delegates will have the opportunity to visit a wide variety of organizations and agencies who serve the Nablus community ranging from An Najah University, women’s cooperatives, the Arab Women’s Union, refugee camps, culinary schools, local non-profits, tourist attractions, and much more. 

Delegates will also have the opportunity to collaborate with professional colleagues in Nablus on projects that are designed to connect citizens of both cities. 

Teachers will visit a number of Nablus’s schools, health workers will visit medical facilities, conflict resolution professionals will visit the conflict resolution center, and yoga  teachers and dancers will share their expertise with community members as well. 

Delegates will share regular updates about the trip on the website and at our FaceBook page, please check back to hear more about our journey!

We are very excited to be representing Boulder to its newest sister city! 


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