The purpose of our auction is to raise funds for travel and supplies for a March-April 2017 delegation to Nablus from Boulder, CO (the two are sister-cities). The delegation’s goals include:

  • Meeting with like-minded people in Nablus to discuss cultural and educational exchange ideas between our two cities
  • Learning about Nablus’ life and culture for a better understanding of its people and…
  • Bringing some of Boulder’s life and culture to Nablus.
  • Volunteering with non profits that support children and education
  • Volunteering with the upcoming Nablus Cultural Festival, which draws artists and attendees from around the world.

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In March-April 2017, the largest delegation to date plans to travel from Boulder to Nablus (the two are sister-cities) to meet Nablusis, learn more about their daily lives and culture, and plan for future joint activities. We will volunteer with organizations that support youth and education and visit and work with people who live in the refugee camps near the city. Some of us will volunteer to set up and prepare for the 2nd Annual Nablus Cultural Festival and some will stay to participate in the festival (April 5-20, 2017). For some of us, this much-anticipated trip presents a financial hardship, and we’ve launched this auction to raise much-needed funds for travel and supplies.
Donations have been made by individuals and may not represent the mission of the organization. We appreciate your support!

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