I hope your 2017 has started out well! 
The BNSCP is starting out the year with much enthusiasm to pour our hearts and energy into creating more opportunities for both Boulder and Nablus citizens to build friendships. 
At next Thursday’s meeting you’ll hear about current projects underway, news from the delegation planning group, and the latest from our friends in Nablus. Together we’ll discuss the next project or two that we wish to breathe life into.  
Please bring a dish or beverage to share so that we can break bread together before diving into the meeting.  Feel free to invite a friend or two as well. 
Thursday, January 19, 6-9pm 
4500 19th Street (Boulder Meadows Club House
(doors are to the left (east) of the Main doors to the building, recessed a bit)
We look forward to seeing you next Thursday
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