The Boulder Nablus Sister City Project is proud to offer items from Nablus


Khafiyehs ($15)

Traditional black and white khafiyehs and a rainbow of colors. All produced by one of the last remaining khafiyeh factories in Palestine.



Palestinian Olive Oil (500ml, $20)

Equal Exchange olive oil is made from Nabali olives, an indigenous Palestinian variety that produces one of highest quality olive oils in the world. It is grown and pressed by Palestinian farmer cooperatives in the West Bank. Extra virgin signifies that the olives are cold pressed without any refining.

Click here to learn more about this incredible olive oil and to meet the farmers who grow the olives for this oil – from villages in the Northern Nablus area.

Infused Palestinian Olive Oil (250 ml, $20)

Canaan Fair Trade Olive Oil:

  • Garlic Olive Oil is created by pressing select indigenous Surri olives with fresh savory garlic.
  • Lemon Olive Oil is created by pressing select indigenous Surri olives with fresh whole lemons.
  • Thyme Olive Oil is created by pressing select indigenous Surri olives with fresh locally grown thyme.

Canaan Fused Olive Oil is only prepared once a year during the olive harvest. Canaan’s flavor packed varieties offer a palate of perfection for dipping, drizzling, or cooking vegetables, meat or seafood.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 5.16.38 PMZa’atar (100g bag, $5)

Za’atar is the signature spice blend of Palestine! Thyme is wild collected from the hills around Nablus, then dried and blended with roasted sesame seeds, ground sumac, and a touch of sea-salt. This herb will add lots of flavour on your tomatoes, salad, eggs, or labne cheese. Olive oil, za’atar and fresh-baked bread is the daily breakfast in Palestine (and is oh, so delicious!).  From the Old City of Nablus.

Shoulder Bags Made from Reclaimed Fabrics ($40)

Designed by Nabulsi artist Aisha of Aisha Designs, a combination of traditional crafts and contemporary designs, offering contemporary trends with traditional methods made mainly of Upcycling creations. These bags are high quality and made by local women from both nearby villages and refugee camps. To see more bag colors and styles click here

Photo Books of Palestine

Stunning photography capturing the beauty, heritage and richness of Palestine.

Al-Quds: Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock Photography Book

10×8 in, 38 pages $75

Palestine Holy land Photography of Churches and Christian Sites in Palestine

10×8 in, 40 pages $50

Palestine Images of Nablus, Bethlehem, Tent of Nations, the Wall, and More

10×8 in, 34 pages $50

Photography and Design by Raza Akhtar

Highest Quality Hand-embroidered Shawls ($225)

The spectacular shawls are intricately and painstakingly hand-embroidered.  They are created by a women’s cooperative based in Balata Refugee camp and their sale supports the women’s families. The historical and cultural richness of Palestine is reflected visually in its costume and embroidery. Distinguished by boldness of color, richness of pattern, and diversity of style, and combined with great needlework skill, these textiles have long played an important role in Palestinian culture and identity and manifested themselves in every aspect of Palestinian life.

Carved Olive Wood 

Ornaments large and small and figures of Jesus and family. Ornaments are $5 each, package for $10. Nativity scenes for $10, $20 for Mary and Joseph.

Note Cards ($15)

Hand-painted images of Palestinian embroidery and printed in these gorgeous greeting or note cards (blank inside). 5 cards and envelopes per pack. Created by Palestinian artist Najat El-Taji El-Khairy.


Emboridered Camisole Top ($40)

Hand-embroidered supporting women in refugee camps. Stretchy fabric, one-size fits many. 

If you wish to purchase any of the items, send an email to info(at)bouldernablus(dot)org to arrange pick up or delivery, or come to a meeting where the items are always available for sale.


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