Women to Women's Committee

We had our first Women to Women’s Committee meeting Thursday January 12th and it was a great beginning!

Committee’s Key Decisions: 1-12-12
1. We want to connect with women’s organizations and women of Nablus
2. We want to initiate a delegation to Nablus before year’s end, and hopefully, by the beginning of this summer
3. We want to introduce ourselves to women in Nablus with brief paragraphs about each of us (3-5 sentences) that Jacqueline can translate into Arabic. Anyone interested in this committee or have something to offer women in Nablus regarding business development, please send me a brief paragraph introducing yourself.

An Exciting Announcement:
An exciting announcement is that Guy was so forward thinking, he sent our committee announcement to our friends in Nablus. Our committee is now in communication with the International Affairs office there, who is helping us consider how to connect with women’s organization in Nablus. Be on the lookout for women of the Women Affairs Council in Nablus posting on our Facebook page wall! Please welcome them if you notice a post.

Thanks everyone!

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