Register for Walk for Palestine

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text] Register for the Walk for Askar Refugee Camp Help us meet our goal to raise money for an ambulance for Askar Refugee Camp in Boulder's Sister City of Nablus, Palestine! Join our 5K Walk for Askar Refugee Camp from anywhere in the world to raise funds to purchaseRead more

Ambulance for Askar Camp

Help Provide an Ambulance for Askar Refugee Camp​ Click Here to View a Video From Our Friends in Askar Refugee Camp Explaining need for Ambulance Askar Refugee Camp currently does not have an ambulance and must transport injured and ailing residents to the hospital by private vehicle and can take

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Fulbright Scholar Returns from An Najah University

Dr. Deborah Young, Early Childhood Education expert, received Fulbright to An Najah University, visited Nablus in October 2015   Dr. Young’s interview with KGNU radio in Boulder is available here. Following is an excerpt from a report about her first week of work: The work with An Najah, I am loving.

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Asira Senior Center

The Boulder Nablus Sister City Project is proud to provide furniture to this future site of the Asira Senior Center.       See the Center’s progress: A message from Adnan:  

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