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Nablus’s 2nd Cultural Festival

Nablus Festival 2017, Project Hope will organize Nablus’s 2nd Cultural Festival. The festival will take place from April 5th to 20th, to celebrate and showcase the best of local and international culture. They hope to host a wide range of international artists in the city over the course of the […]

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Fulbright Scholar Returns from An Najah University

Dr. Deborah Young, Early Childhood Education expert, received Fulbright to An Najah University, visited Nablus in October 2015   Dr. Young’s interview with KGNU radio in Boulder is available here. Following is an excerpt from a report about her first week of work: The work with An Najah, I am loving. […]

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Study Abroad Program: Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution

Take a semester abroad at An Najah University in Nablus!  Beginning in the summer of 2016 — earn 15 credit hours! This program looks at the intricate balances between politics and religion, culture, economics, and human rights with field studies on peace, justice, and conflict in a developing land that […]

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Delegation to Nablus: December 2015

No better time to visit the Holy Land than the holy time of December 22 – January 5th!   This will be a great opportunity to meet with partners as well as visit some of the holiest and most revered sites in the entire world! There will be visits to […]

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Notes from Nablus, June 2014

Greetings from Nablus! We have been here two weeks now!  We have been very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people and are sponging up Palestinian hospitality. We hear the word, “Welcome!” 100’s of times each day — walking through the bustling and vibrant market, in the refugee camps, […]

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Volunteering at Project Hope

Board member Barbara Hanst traveled to Nablus in April and May of 2014 and spent 4 weeks as a volunteer with Project Hope. Below is a report of her adventure… I went to Nablus last Spring to volunteer with Project Hope, a non-profit begun in 2003 in the midst of […]

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2nd Delegation to Nablus: Huge Success

Guy Benintendi and Barbara Hanst spent two weeks in Nablus in April, 2012. The delegation set out with, and met, the following objectives: strengthen connection with friends in Nablus, make new friends, learn more about what they might like from a sister city relationship, find electronic pen pal opportunities for […]

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1st Delegation from Boulder to Nablus a success!

1st 2011 delegation to Nablus

This is a trip report of the first delegation to Nablus sponsored by the Boulder Nablus Sister City Project. It was the first official connection between the Boulder-based group and its counterpart in Nablus. Manal and I thank the Boulder group for entrusting us in representing them and tasking us with initiating the bridges […]

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The Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project fosters relationships through cultural, educational, information and trade exchanges, inspiring lifelong friendships that support prosperity and peace through person-to-person “citizen diplomacy.” We arrange delegations to Nablus, with an emphasis on service, host Nablus citizens in Boulder, produce Palestinian cultural events and share expertise between citizens of both cities.

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