Bright Stars of Bethlehem

Kickoff of 2015 Room for Hope Festival September 20 through 27 in Colorado! The annual Room for Hope Festival connects us with our sisters and brothers from the Holy Land by bringing talented and successful students and faculty from Dar al-Kalima University in Bethlehem, Palestine. This year’s festival is no

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Masha El’Falesteen Dance Group

The Boulder Nablus Arts & Culture working group is proud to announce the cooperation with the Masha El’Falesteen Dance group in Nablus, Palestine, in order to bring Palestinian Dance to a Boulder audience. Help raise funds for a dance school by going to the group’s Indiegogo page and make a

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Taste of the Middle East: Part One

Barbara Petzen workshop coordinator demonstrates the art of dolma making and its importance in Middle Eastern culture Participants learn about Middle Eastern culture and food The skill is in the details, every family has its own special dolma recipe and style The variety and fragrant food of the Middle EastRead more