Annual Reports

Each official sister city submits an annual report summarizing its activities for the previous year to Boulder City Council.

Catch up on our activities by accessing them at the links below:

  • 2024 Annual Report – Activities in 2023 include Raising Funds to purchase an Ambulance for Askar Refugee Camp residents, producing a cultural festival, book discussions and selling Palestinian-made items at holiday markets. 2024 Annual Report
  • 2023 Annual Report – Activities in 2022 include a delegation to Nablus and Palestine. Hosting our first Palestinian Cultural Festival at the Museum of Boulder and more. 2023 Annual Report
  • 2022 Annual Report – We combined our 2020 and 2021 activities in the 2022 Annual Report that included a performance by a Nabulsi musician to raise funds for music scholarships, the purchase of olive tree saplings, and a donation of an incubator for a neo-natal intensive care unit at al Ittihad Hospital in Nablus. 
  • 2020 Annual Report – Activities in 2019 include Delegation to Nablus, hosting Master Musician Habib al Deek, visits by Daily Hugz, and a fundraising campaign to purchase olive tree saplings. Read all about it here.
  • 2019 Annual Report – 2018 included an array of activities such as a Student Art Exchange, Multiple Fulbright collaborations, hosting a film screening in partnership with the Museum of Boulder, and more: BNSCP Annual Report 2019 FINAL
  • 2018 Annual Report – 2017 was a year of connection and moving forward. Read the BNSCP Annual Report 2018 in Full Here
  • 2017 Annual Report – 2016 was a year of outreach, …  Click here to read full report
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