Help Provide an Ambulance for Askar Refugee Camp​


Askar Refugee Camp currently does not have an ambulance and must transport injured and ailing residents to the hospital by private vehicle. The ride can take over an hour during heavy traffic periods.

Having medical equipment and trained staff available for those being transported can save lives.

Not to mention the fact that it is a common occurrence that the Israeli military interferes in Askar Camp residents gaining access to hospitals by closing checkpoints or taking over the main road such that Palestinians cannot pass.  Ambulances have a far greater chance to get through these obstructions than private vehicles, although even ambulances are often prevented from transporting injured Palestinians to the hospital.

The situation is dire and your financial support will save lives. Please make a generous donation today to help us purchase an ambulance for our friends at Askar Refugee Camp. 

The link takes you to PayPal, but if you prefer to use Venmo we are @BNSCP

We are grateful for your gift today! 

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