“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.”     — Abraham Lincoln

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BNSCP is a citizen-powered, cross-cultural initiative to link members of two diverse communities: Boulder, CO, USA and Nablus, Palestine.

ACT TODAY to help promote connection, education, understanding and cultural enrichment between our two communities!

BECOME A MEMBER — just $25 per year demonstrates your support for friendship between Nabulsis and Boulderites!  Join today!


We appreciate your interest in the Boulder Nablus Sister City Project and encourage you to become involved to the degree that you feel able and inspired.  There are levels of involvement that will fit into any schedule.

If you have 30 seconds… join our mailing list to receive monthly newsletters (on occasion additional newsletters may be sent if a pressing need emerges.

If you have 2 minutes… Become a member by clicking the Donate button that you will find at the bottom of this page or sending a check for $25 payable to BNSCP at 1450 Ithaca Dr, Boulder CO 80305.

If you have 10 minutes… Read a post or two to learn more about our Projects or Videos from Nablus.

If you have an hour… Come to one of our monthly members’ meetings or a work group meeting! We love making friends and meeting new people (location info above).

If you have a whole day… Plan a project, or better yet.. a delegation to Nablus!!

The sky is the limit in terms of ways to get involved. There are many projects in progress and some are slated for the future. Either way, if you are interested in getting involved with any or all of these projects please fill out a quick contact form and we will be in touch shortly.  Some past, present and proposed future projects are:

  • Electronic pen-pals between elementary, middle- and high school students
  • Annual delegations
  • University student exchanges
  • Traditional Palestinian folk dancing troupe to Boulder
  • Volunteering or working for non-profit organizations in Nablus
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Mentor programs
  • Educational Workshops on the Middle East
  • Palestinian Film Series
  • Middle Eastern cultural fairs
  • Marketing Palestinian goods such as olive oil (so delicious!), crafts, soap, and more



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