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Spring 2017 Delegation to Nablus

The largest Delegation from Colorado to Nablus is in the planning stages.  The delegation will happen in the spring of 2018 (March or April) and overlap with the 2nd annual Nablus Cultural Festival.  Don’t forget to visit the official festival website. We are shaping up to be a group of 10-15 from Boulder/Colorado! […]

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‘Boulder’s Arab community has felt excluded for years; vote YES as a gesture of humanity and inclusion’

Dear Council, My name is Usama Alshaibi. I am a professor at CU Boulder and a local filmmaker. I’ve been featured on Boulder Community Radio and Colorado Public Radio. I make films that deal with racism and bigotry against Arab Americans. My family is from Palestine and Iraq, and we […]

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‘There’s something about looking into people’s eyes that shows the truth’

Dear Boulder City Council members: My name is Alexa Mehos, and I´m writing this letter on the eve of my 25th birthday from a tiny village in the northern tip of the Andes Mountains of Peru, where I´ve spent the last three months volunteering and travelling. I traveled in Israel […]

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‘I fell in love with the city because of the friendliness of its residents’

This letter comes in support of the request to make Nablus a sister city of Boulder. I first visited Nablus in 2010 when I was on a tour of Israel and Palestine. I immediately fell in love with the city because of the friendliness of its residents, the charm of […]

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High-school student: It’s important to find out for yourself what people are actually like

Dear council member, I’m emailing to encourage you to approve Nablus as Boulder’s 8th sister city. I am a senior at Shining Mountain Waldorf School and when I was 16 I had the opportunity to spend three weeks as a volunteer in Nablus. During that time, I mostly played soccer […]

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‘A caliber of kindness I have yet to experience anywhere else in the world’

To: Boulder City Council My name is Eliza Verena Norris and I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado where my family lives. I am currently living in Washington D.C. where I have the privilege to work on behalf of global human rights. My interest in the Middle East arose […]

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Lemon Tree founder: ‘Fear should not play a part in this decision’

To Members of the City Council of Boulder: As a community about to decide on the issue of Nablus as a Sister City I am reminded of the of the Prime Minister of Norway’s statement after the terrorist attacks there in July of 2011 committing to protect the culture of openness […]

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CU Professor Emeritus Mayer: Nablus Sister City approval will help counter Islamophobia in our community

Dear City Council members: I am writing in support of making Nablus a Sister City of Boulder. Three years ago this request was rejected by the Council (for very poor reasons in my estimation). Since then, the advocates of the Nablus Sister City project have worked exceedingly hard to build […]

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Dr. Rob Prince: Nablus deserves Council’s support and official recognition by city of Boulder

Dear Council, I hope you will support this proposal to formalize the sister city relations between Boulder and Nablus. I attended the Council meeting where this idea – of making Nablus a sister city of Boulder – a few years ago. I was disappointed by the council vote that time […]

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Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom: official Nablus sister city in keeping with our goals!

Dear Members of City Council, The Boulder Branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom strongly urges you to approve the designation of Nablus as an official sister-city of Boulder. WILPF is a hundred-year-old organization working for peace and human rights around the world. We see the Nablus […]

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The Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project fosters relationships through cultural, educational, information and trade exchanges, inspiring lifelong friendships that support prosperity and peace through person-to-person “citizen diplomacy.” We arrange delegations to Nablus, with an emphasis on service, host Nablus citizens in Boulder, produce Palestinian cultural events and share expertise between citizens of both cities.

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