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  • In May 2017 the mayor of Nablus, Palestine, Mr. Ass'ad Sawalmeh, and the mayor of Boulder, CO USA, Ms. Suzanne Jones, signed an agreement of partnership between the two cities.

  • John us on the next Delegation to Palestine!

  • Guests Mr. Ass'ad Sawalmeh and Mr. Abdelafo Aker enjoy Boulder's beauty with Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project Directors Vern, Allison, and Brenda.

  • Formal introductions between city officials facilitated creating connections between citizens of both Boulder, CO USA and Nablus, Palestine

  • Explore the culinary delights of Palestinian culture and Nablus. Our first series, "Taste of the Middle East" a 4 part series of education workshops held mid February, was a great success!

  • Meet, Connect, Exchange ideas with Nablus professionals, merchants, organizations and businesses.

  • JOIN a delegation to Nablus and experience the hospitality of Palestinian culture first hand.

  • Explore the beautiful country around Nablus and learn about the fascinating history of the area.

  • Learn about the specialties, delights, and secrets of Nablus

  • Experience the history of old town Nablus and the diversity of agricultural abundance in a Mediterranean climate

  • CONNECTION IS EASY! Cultural differences between Boulder, Colorado and Nablus, Palestine are not so great once you start talking... "Friend me on Facebook!"

Connecting Cultures

The Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project fosters relationships through cultural, educational and professional exchanges, inspiring lifelong friendships that promote understanding and peace through person-to-person “citizen diplomacy.”

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Music from Nablus, Palestine

We are so excited that a project we have dreamed about for almost 2 years is finally coming to pass!!! Habib, a Palestinian musician, is in Colorado and playing various venues in the Boulder/Denver area. Please see our Facebook events pages for details.

Watch Habib on AuroraTV

Great Background About Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project

Denver's October 11, 2016 Westword offers a very informative history and background of the Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project.

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Membership is $25 per year and is tax-deductible. BNSCP is a registered 501(c)3

Nablus as Sister City: Setting in Stone

When in Boulder take a look at the gorgeous stone tile in front of Boulder’s Municipal Building at 1777 Canyon that honors are relationship with the city of Nablus, Palestine.

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Board and Members’ Meetings

Board and Members' Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month in Boulder, CO.

For information about location, please use the contact form to be in touch.

We enjoy breaking bread together for the first portion of the meeting so please bring a dish to share!

All are welcome - we look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon!


The Boulder-Nablus Sister City Project fosters relationships through cultural, educational, information and trade exchanges, inspiring lifelong friendships that support prosperity and peace through person-to-person “citizen diplomacy.” We arrange delegations to Nablus, with an emphasis on service, host Nablus citizens in Boulder, produce Palestinian cultural events and share expertise between citizens of both cities.

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Looking for individuals who are interested in learning more about Palestinian culture and fostering exchange of expertise. Come to monthly meetings to learn more!

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